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Using the UI

Welcome to LlamaParse, the first public-facing release in LlamaCloud! To get started, head to Login with the method of your choice.

Login screen

You should now see our welcome screen. The point of our new LlamaParse UI is to demonstrate our new, industry-leading PDF parsing capabilities before you integrate them into your code. Let’s go ahead and click “Parse”.

Welcome screen

You now have options: you can use LlamaParse in the UI, in Python, in TypeScript, or as a standalone REST API that you can call from any language. Here we're trying the UI method: just drag and drop any PDF into the grey box at the bottom of the screen. To learn about the various options shown, see our features guide.

parsing screen.png

We started with a simple, a PDF of LlamaIndex's Terms of Service. Once you're ready, click "Parse File". The file will be uploaded to our servers and parsed. This may take seconds or minutes, depending on the size of the file.


You can now scroll down to results! As you can see we get a cleanly-parsed document that has been reformatted as Markdown. If you'd like the raw text, you can click the toggle in the top left.

parsing results

Not happy with your results? Try adjusting the settings at the top. But if you are happy, let's get started with integrating LlamaParse into your application, starting by getting an API key.