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Getting Started

LlamaCloud is currently in preview, please sign up on our waitlist here to gain access


LlamaCloud makes it easy to set up a highly scalable & customizable data ingestion pipeline for your RAG use case. No need to worry about scaling challenges, document management, or complex file parsing.

LlamaCloud offers all of this through a no-code UI, REST API / clients, and seamless integration with our popular python & typescript framework.

Connect your index on LlamaCloud to your data sources, set your parse parameters & embedding model, and LlamaCloud automatically handles syncing your data into your vector databases. From there, we offer an easy-to-use interface to query your indexes and retrieve relevant ground truth information from your input documents.

Get started with the quick start guide for setting up an index via the UI, and integrate with your RAG/agent application.

Enterprise Customers

If you are an Enterprise interested in using LlamaCloud within a network restricted environment, please get in touch with us!