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Managing your subscription

LlamaCloud is a subscription-based service. You can manage your subscription from the LlamaCloud dashboard. At the moment, the only paid service is LlamaParse; you can learn more about LlamaParse pricing.

Upgrading your plan

You can upgrade your plan at any time by clicking the "Upgrade Plan" button in the bottom left:


You'll be prompted to enter your credit card details and confirm the upgrade. Your new plan will take effect immediately.


Downgrading your plan

You can switch back to the Free plan at any time by canceling your subscription. Just click the "Cancel Plan" button:


Checking your usage

Real-time usage data is available via the API including your quota and the number of requests you've made. You can also check your usage from the dashboard by clicking on the "History" tab, which will show you the documents and the number of pages in each one that you've uploaded.


Billing history

Your billing history is available at the bottom of the screen when you click "Manage plan". You can click through to see the details of each invoice:


When you are looking at an invoice you can click "view invoice and payment details" to get an exact breakdown of your charges: