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Python Usage

Python options

Some parameters are specific to the Python implementation

Number of workers

This controls the number of workers to use sending API requests for parsing. The default is 4.

In Python:
parser = LlamaParse(

Check interval

In synchronous mode (see below), Python will poll to check the status of the job. The default is 1 second.

In Python:
parser = LlamaParse(

Verbose mode

By default, LlamaParse will print the status of the job as it is uploaded and checked. You can disable this output.

In Python:
parser = LlamaParse(

Use with SimpleDirectoryReader

You can use LlamaParse directly within LlamaIndex by using SimpleDirectoryReader. This will parse all files in a directory called data and return the parsed documents.

from llama_parse import LlamaParse
from llama_index.core import SimpleDirectoryReader

parser = LlamaParse()

file_extractor = {".pdf": parser}
documents = SimpleDirectoryReader(
"./data", file_extractor=file_extractor

Direct usage

It is also possible to call the parser directly, in one of 4 modes:

Synchronous parsing

documents = parser.load_data("./my_file.pdf")

Synchronous batch parsing

documents = parser.load_data(["./my_file1.pdf", "./my_file2.pdf"])

Asynchronous parsing

documents = await parser.aload_data("./my_file.pdf")

Asynchronous batch parsing

documents = await parser.aload_data(["./my_file1.pdf", "./my_file2.pdf"])